Six days / five nights in our very own Château,
practicing yoga daily and studying the imagination
through the lens of the third eye.


Hosted by

Erica Jago


Morning Tea Ceremonies by

Christina Jade


Soul Photography by

LAURA vendescoeur

Yoga and Meditation

Erica will weave Vinyasa Flow + Kundalini + Restorative + Mantra Meditations together with a tender spirit to reinvigorate your personal practice.


Sacred Tea Mornings

Tea Curator, Christina Jade will guide us through silent morning tea ceremonies. Jade consciously selects and curates the tea leaves directly from ancient tea gardens, in the most remote and sacred mountains of Asia. May this tea help you to recognize the preciousness of life, with community, in gratitude. 


 Soul Photography Sessions

Parisian photographer, Laura Vendescoeur offers a one-on-one session to speak about what your intentions for attending INDIGO are and translates them into a visual story. You don't need to know anything in particular, just follow your heart and the images will embody your vision.


Conscious Movement

Personal walks and self exploration, reflection and downtime is a nourishing way to experience the 22 acres of woods and fields that surround the property at Château de Clérac. 

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Ritual and Writing

When was the last time you allowed yourself the time to write down on paper the specifics of what you really wanted out of life?


Nature Art

Artists stations are designed to not only extract meaning out of nature in ceremony, but to work and communicate graphically with your higher self.

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The Invitation


Join us for a private week at Château Fengari, to study the inner workings of the mind. Dream up and play out your wildest dreams on the mat, in meditation and visually through art. 

We are calling forth a collective of 18 women and men, creative and passionate yoga practitioners, healers, coaches, artists, changemakers, visionary entrepreneurs and anyone interested in taking full responsibility for causing the change we deeply desire. 




12 Areas of Your Life

· · Relationship with Myself · · Body · · Money · · Love + Romance · · Relationships with Time · · Community + Contribution · · Family · · Home · · Spirituality · · Friends · · Fun and Adventure · · Career · ·



The Handel’s: Design Your Life™ methodology of envisioning all 12 areas of your life is a profound tool in personal transformation.

This process of writing out your dreams in detail and then telling all the reasons why and what is in-between you and your dreams will show us exactly where you are pretending to have no power. Dream work makes us care about the life we came to fulfill. 


Daily Program

Ceremonial Tea Meditations every morning for deep self inquiry and contemplation. Emotionally connected yoga, creative exercises and quiet country landscapes to spend your days dreaming, planning and promising rather than chasing what you think you want. On this retreat you will have the space to really design and cause change in your life through self understanding. Expect alchemy to happen on a daily basis. 



8-830am Silent Tea Ceremony

830-915am Breakfast and Writing

930-11am Yoga Practice

11-1230pm Artist Time

1-6pm Lunch and Free Time

2-4pm Soul Photography Sessions

6-730pm Evening Energy

8pm Dinner

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A metamorphosis happens while in retreat, sometimes you don’t feel the effects till after you've returned. Whether it hits you there or at home, you've grown and you’ll never be the same again.

Erica Jago my dearest friend, provokes, encourages, supports and guides in a way that very few can. I’ve attended her retreats. I’ve been apart of the life altering space she holds.

I’ve cried my eyes out, I’ve opened my heart, I’ve laughed till my belly hurt and I’ll do it all again and again as many times as she’d have me. From the depth of my soul I can say, if you are ready and willing, book a retreat.




Just wanted to send you my deepest gratitude for creating INDIGO and bringing together such amazing spirits. Since I‘ve been back, I‘ve had such an outpouring of revelations about everything we touched upon.

I‘ve created sacred time for myself every morning for reading, writing, studying, and meditating. My spirituality is revitalized, and I‘ve been experiencing synchronicity daily. In this time between now and the retreat, I‘ve revealed big energetic shifts and a compassionate understanding about the source of my own inner voices, my historical relationship with my parents and my past relationships with men. It‘s almost as if my body had to wait until I was home to fully release in this breakthrough.

Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher — one who encourages me to sing, chant, and embrace faith, who in the gentlest of ways showed me how to confront the shadows of my self, and who teaches me that there is so much beauty and strength in my emotion. I‘ve really met no teacher like you, and I‘m so excited to see what you will be sharing with the world next.




Very rarely have I had such a special week as I spent last week in a castle in France. Together with ten other lovely women I attended the Indigo Retreat, hosted by the inspiring Erica Jago. To put into words what I‘ve experienced there will never do just to the retreat itself, but I can say I honestly felt homesick going home and I immediately missed the sisters I spent this journey with. If you ever have a chance to attend one of Erica‘s retreats, just GO! She attracts amazingly interesting people and is just surrounded by magic. I felt supported and understood on a very profound level. Never ever did I *see* things so clearly. I know now how bright I can shine. Forever grateful. 



Weeklong Details


Our retreat will begin at 6pm on Monday, 5 August and concludes by 11am on Saturday, 10 August. Pricing depends on your accommodation of choice; each per-person rate includes:

  • Two yoga classes a day : Vinyasa Flow + Kundalini + Meditation + Dance + Ritual + Healing + Creativity

  • Inner artist stations for creating and expressing

  • 3 organic vegetarian meals served in the long hall or garden

  • Morning Ceremonial Tea Meditation by Christina Jade

  • Evening outdoor dinners and stargazing

  • Five nights accommodations in Single, Shared or Triple Rooms

  • Afternoons to explore Clérac on your own

  • Fruits, Teas and filtered water

  • Free use of facilities: tennis court, outdoor swimming pool

  • Transfer to/from Bordeaux International Airport

Not included:

  • Flights to/from Bordeaux International Airport

  • One-on-One Soul Photography Sessions by Laura Vendescoeur
    (due to limited space, we can only offer 8 total sessions. Spaces will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. RSVP on the apply page)