Erica introduces a methodology of combining storytelling, emotionally connected yoga classes, visionary art and framed nature to inspire inner knowing, interconnectedness and spiritual care. Since 2008, she has gathered over 300 women and men from over 36 countries for week long retreats to study one chakra at a time.

In 2017, her Kickstarter family raised over $50,000 in less than 30 days to print, produce and distribute her second book, ANGELUS : an experiential chakra workbook due out Spring 2019. As an accomplished graphic designer, her first book, Art of Attention, was ranked #1 for book design on and is now translated into 6 languages.

Design is as a vital tool for transforming instructional concepts into artful and meaningful class experiences. As only the human body can generate love, the richness of these week long transformational experiences come from loving and knowing people in more than one place.  What will the next retreat bring? JOIN US! 


Christina Jade



Jade is on a mission to shed light on the fundamental principal of Oneness. With heart and earth infused medicine, she hosts tea ceremonies with the intention to soothe minds, bodies and souls. Through the art of sipping tea, Jade cultivating stillness and mindful presence from the sacred tea leaves. The practice of Ceremonial Tea Meditation, like all rituals and ceremonies, is a time-honored container held to recognize the preciousness of life, in a conscious act of reverence, and to give thanks. To sit down in community, to settle here and now, to open ourself to receive tea consciously curated and graciously brewed, is a mindful way to engage in the present moment. Tea meditation is a beautiful and nourishing practice that brings a greater sense of peace and gratitude.

Jade also have a boutique tea line, WAO TEA ,  where she has put available all the teas that she has personally selected and curated from ancient tea plantations in Asia. In addition to the Tea Meditation practice, she also offers Introduction to Cha Dao classes, where she teaches about tea culture. 

From stillness, she explores the body-mind-soul dance through Somatic Yin Yoga, Mindful Movements, Traditional Thai Massage & Reflexology treatments.

She has been practicing and sharing her passion for the healing arts in Switzerland, France, Canada, French Polynesia and recently based herself in California and New-Mexico.


Laura Vendescoeur 


Laura Vendescoeur is a photographer, art director and architect. She believes in the power of photography as a tool for self expression and emotional healing. Through her project, Soul Photography, she gives room to the authentic essence and experience of self love to the person in front of her camera. She also works closely with healers, yoga teachers and space holders to define their image in order to align their purpose with their visual story.

She is co-founder of Moonrise Retreat, co-organizes workshops and retreats for women and collaborates with inspiring souls like Erica Jago on the Indigo Yoga Retreat.

A few months ago, Laura started another important project, her online magazine One Oneness through which she advocates conscious, aligned and fulfilled living. In this magazine, she shares portraits of healers and creatives and gathers inspirational interviews and practical tools to implement their knowledge into our daily life.


Château Fengari

2016-09-19 21.38.34.jpg

A stunning Napoleonic house deep in the countryside north of Bordeaux.



11 Route des Châteaux,
17270 Clérac, France



You will stay in recently restored en-suite bedrooms. There are plenty of nooks and crannies to read, listen to music or simply relax with a drink all around the château.



Breakfast and Lunch will be an informal affair – a buffet, served in the garden if you prefer. Dinner, naturally, will be altogether grander: the table will be in the long hall, with delicious food. We can accommodate any dietary requirements, provided during your one-on-one call.



Your can roam over 20 acres of private gardens and woodlands, including a refreshing swimming pool overlooking the hills. Clérac village is about five minutes' walk from the front gates, where you can find a bar, shop and local heritage attractions.